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Hey Food Trucks,
Come Partner With Us!

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Everything you need for county permitting~ just $150 per month with our Basic Service!

Easy grey water dump, city water fill, garbage disposal and oil/ grease disposal (that we have refined to fuel oil), all conveniently located between Asheville and Hendersonville on Old Airport Road at the new Village Food Truck Park. This basic service is offered to food trucks that can store and prep all food on their truck. As y’all know, the county requires that you return to a commissary kitchen every night to at least dump grey water and fill up with city water, and we make it easy for about $5 a day. If you need a kitchen for prep, we have plenty of kitchen time available day or night--just $400 for 24 hours per month. Join our family of trucks at this new outdoor community food venue in Fletcher.

The commissary kitchen, just for food trucks, includes prep tables, large storage area, refrigeration, 3 compartment sink, easy access outside dumping station and city water.  Secure indoor and outdoor overnight parking with power hook-ups is also available.




Serve Lunch or Dinner without having to drive anywhere!

Join us and other friendly, neighborhood food truck operators at The Village Food Truck Park.  Please contact us for more information at:


Located in the high traffic Fletcher commercial district with over 12,000 daily vehicles and hundreds of workers at large and small businesses and factories in the area.  Serve a huge lunch crowd without having to drive anywhere!  Save gas and time!

The Village Food Truck Park offers mobile food units a convenient home base with a commissary kitchen.

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Easy Drive-through Grey Water Dump Station and City Water fill.

Just unscrew the cap, dump and go

Services and Costs:


Basic Service - $150

Includes easy grey water dumping, city water fill, garbage disposal and grease disposal.  All food storage and food prep is done on your truck or in another approved commissary kitchen.

Kitchen Rental (24 hours per month) including Basic Service- $400

Includes ‘Basic Service’, plus 24 hours kitchen time per month. Kitchen time includes one 6-hour kitchen time slot, or two 3-hour kitchen time slots per week.   Additional hours at $18 / hour in 3-hour increments, based on schedule openings and management approval.  Cold prep only, no cooking in facility. During your time slot, the kitchen is all yours and is not shared with another vendor.


Garage Bay Storage Rental with 24-hours of Kitchen Time per month- $600

Includes 15’ x 22’ private garage bay (330 sf) with 12’x12’ overhead door.  110 v 20 amp power in each bay.  Includes ‘Basic Service’, plus 24 hours of kitchen time every month.  Kitchen time may be used in one 6-hour kitchen time slot, or two 3-hour kitchen time slots per week.  Additional hours at $16 / hour in 3-hour increments, based on schedule openings and management approval.  Cold prep only, no cooking in facility.*

*Note on Pricing:  For our pricing above, we use $300 per storage unit as the base cost, which is less than $10 per square foot / per month.  This is very competitive compared to costs at other self-storage facilities that do not include access to services like grey water dumping or a commissary kitchen.  If you add 24 hours of kitchen time at $300, the cost for kitchen time is $12.50 per hour (also very competitive.)


Fridge / Freezer Rental is $50 per month for 1/4 unit (half of a side door), or $100 full side.

On Site Lunch Service:  Food trucks with an indoor parking lease have first priority reservation for any two weekdays, followed by kitchen tenants, and then basic service members.  Reservations can be made the week prior via a google calendar.  Two roadside spaces are available for lunch service with 50 amp power service.


Brand New
Cold Prep Commissary Kitchen

Just for Food Trucks


Contact Bob Turner for more info at
or by email at

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